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Post  RiZlA on Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:01 am

Imagine a living, breathing Pacific Rim city, its streets full of vehicles and thousands of civilians going about their daily life.

For the first time ever, put such a city online. Introduce 100,000 players to each world and 100 players to each action district instance of the city. Their mission: to gain fame and fortune, fast.

Many will become Criminals, supporting themselves by feeding on the citizens of San Paro. Other players will choose to join the Enforcers – and feed on the Criminals.

Every single player will be unique, thanks to APB’s cutting-edge customization technology, with personalized looks, clothing, tattoos, vehicles, and music.

Imagine joining in. Which side will you pick? How will you play? Will you choose to achieve celebrity for your sheer style? Notoriety for your skills with a gun? Will you join a Clan, or lone-wolf it?

Will you do favors for Contacts around the city, completing directed missions, or choose to concentrate on open-world sandbox activities? Do you want to top the leaderboards (tracking Kills, Arrests, Mission Success rates, and other competitive stats) or do you want to stay under the radar, pulling off daring jobs under the opposition’s nose?

Welcome to the evolution of action games into a persistent online space. You’re going to love it.

Experience fast-paced third-person action in a persistent multiplayer online world.
From Dave Jones the original creator of GTA.
Earn money, clothing, weapons, and cars as you play
Master the radically different styles of gameplay aimed at each Faction
Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters and designs
Cause havoc, gunning down your rivals while hanging out the window of a speeding car during a chase
Stalk Criminals through back alleyways to arrest them
Become San Paro’s premier car thief, clothing designer, “death theme” artist, or assassin. It’s up to you

Just took this of the steam pae until i get to know the game abi more just started to play but i am enjoying it the big problem i hvae with it is the server are region based ie americans can only play on american server and europe can only play on europe server which for me is kinda crap i play with alot of people in the world so kinda fails on that side but other than that the game actully kicks ass fun and fast paced.

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