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Need help in school?

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School Sucks!

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Need help in school? Empty Need help in school?

Post  spartan27583 on Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:54 pm

Hello my fellow students.

I know that school can be a bitch most of the time and all, but if you ever need help in the following subjects:

  1. Biology(8 textbooks supported) and 5,904 homework solutions

  2. Business (4 textbooks supported) and 4,328 homework solutions

  3. Chemistry (37 textbooks supported) and 62,363 homework solutions

  4. Civil Engineering (1 textbook supported} and 498 homework solutions

  5. Computer Science (37 textbooks supported) and 17,508 homework solutions

  6. Electrical Engineering (40 textbooks supported) and 32,609 homework solutions

  7. Math (159 textbooks supported) and 482,709 homework solutions

  8. Mechanical Engineering (27 textbooks supported) and 31,605 homework solutions

  9. Physics (77 textbooks supported) and 182,530 homework solutions

Then (or your nearest neighborhood asian smart-ass) may be the place to go. You can post questions like on yahooanswers and get step by step instructions from a fellow member or expert for free. There are also fully worked out answer to all textbooks on the site (or at least the ones I've seen). This site is recommended for high school kids and up (mostly because junior high is so freaking easy :p)

Yay first off the subject support thread lol

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Need help in school? Empty Re: Need help in school?

Post  mcan on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:47 pm



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