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Post  RiZlA on Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:01 am

Hey guys am just leting you know a little about the up coming global agenda which is on pre order atm and due for realese on 1st Feb so be sure to pick it up.

the game it self is based on fps mmo rpg the game is big from dome city to all the maps with a great selection of maps to PvE, PvP & AvA there is also crafting so you can craft weapons and Armor. Armor is fully change able from colour to how it looks same with your toon for me the game is wide spread not just for fps player but the players that love to play mmo's if i do say the game is amzin fun fast passed there so much to do and so much to play but here are some note's from Hi Rez Studio's

2155. From the ashes of the devastating Third Great War rose the Commonwealth, an oppressive world government determined to control the entire planet. The few remaining independent factions retaliate the only way they can, with elite teams of special operatives trained in advanced warfare tactics and equipped with high-tech weaponry. The future of humanity is their battleground, where knowledge is power, technology is a race, and everyone has a Global Agenda.

Create your agent - Create, customize, and develop multiple agent characters, complementing your FPS skills with accessible RPG-style progression. Unlock weaponry and cuttingedge devices including jetpacks, grenade launchers, mines, deployable turrets, stealth suits, holographic decoys,robotic droids and HUNDREDS of others.

Co-Op with friends online - Four players share the same online mission experience - working as a team,communicating via built-in text and voice chat, infiltrating facilities, defeating end bosses, and earning technology upgrades.

Compete in fast-paced, multiplayer matches - Teamwork and tactics are paramount within objective-based game types designed from the ground up to support intense and balanced player vs. player combat.

Global Agenda players can experience the major features of the game after a one time purchase via digital download or box sale, with no monthly subscription required. An optional subscription package called Global Agenda: Conquest will be available for those players who wish to participate in the persistent Alliance vs. Alliance territory control game-play and access ongoing content updates.

One Time Purchase:
•Creation of up to eight different agent characters
•Character visual customization
•Access to all combat weapons and devices
•Cooperative Player vs. Environment missions against the Commonwealth NPC faction, AI-controlled enemies, and Boss Fights
•Matchmade Player vs. Player missions with a variety of different game types and maps
•Character progression through 50 levels (All devices and skills unlocked by level 30)
•Player Inventory for suits, flair, dyes, upgrades, and loot
•Auction House with bidding and buyouts
•Virtual Reality practice fighting area
•Vendors and accumulation of in-game currency
•Text chat with multiple channels
•Built in voice chat during missions
•Ability to join an established player-created agency
•All play is on our single-shard, hosted server environment to ensure convenient and consistent gaming experience.

Monlthy Subscription:
•Access to Alliance vs. Alliance (AvA) World Domination gameplay:
◦A massive scale campaign between player created agencies and alliances over scarce territory and resources on a persistent world map.
◦Attack and Defend Territories in zones that match your agency's schedule
◦Agency and Alliance Management - Create and maintain persistent player groups and officer ranks
◦Creation and Upgrading of Facilities - Control production and output
◦Base Raids - take enemy bases by coordinating 6 strike teams of 10 players each.
◦Agency Achievement System, Leveling, and Recognition
•Mail System
•Upgrade Text and Voice chat to support multiple channels and strike teams
•Player Crafting with blueprints
•Additional character customization options including elite character suits, dye colors, and seasonal flair
•Ongoing Co-Op content at max character level
•Ongoing AvA content, multiplayer PvP content, and new social areas
•Must first purchase Global Agenda to activate a Conquest subscription

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Post  nBz on Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:48 pm

hmmm will w8 for decent ingame footage Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes


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Post  Striker271 on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:08 pm

Yeah same, Im not a huge fan of futuristic shooters so its gona have to be something special to make me wana spend thirty odd quid. Still nice review Very Happy 5/5


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Post  mcan on Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:15 pm

I watched my brother play the demo of this game. It looks good. I'd like to play it if it were free. Right now I don't have any money to pay for MMOs. (or any other games for that matter)


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